How to Replace an INFINITI Key Fob Battery

A 2020 INFINITI QX60 parked on a street

Don’t let a dead INFINITI key fob battery ruin your day by leaving you stranded in San Francisco! You can schedule service to have it fixed, or you can save time and money by replacing your key fob battery at home in San Jose. Read the step-by-step guide below to learn how, with help from the certified INFINITI technicians at INFINITI of San Jose!

What Type of Battery Does the INFINITI Key Fob Use?

Before getting started, you’ll need to grab a few simple tools and a replacement INFINITI key fob battery. Key fobs come in several types, which will determine what kind of battery you need to buy. The standard INFINITI key fob uses a CR2025. If you have an INFINITI Intelligent Key fob, then you will need a CR2032 instead. You can also refer to your owner’s manual or call up our service center to find out for sure.

 INFINITI Key Battery Replacement Step-by-Step

  1. Press the “release” tab on the back side of your INFINITI key battery fob. This will release a silver emergency key from inside the fob. Remove the emergency key to reveal a small panel on the bottom of the key fob.
  2. Open the panel with a small flathead screwdriver: slide the flathead INFINITI of San Jose between the two halves of the key fob and pry them apart. To avoid scratching the surface of the keyfob, you may want to wrap the head of the screwdriver in a small piece of tape.
  3. Remove the dead battery and replace with a fresh battery, with the positive (+) side facing down.
  4. Reattach the small panel, reinsert the metal key, and push the release tab back in. Squeeze the two halves of the key fob together until they snap securely in place.

INFINITI Key Fob Troubleshooting

If you’re experiencing problems with your remote keyless entry or push-button start, it isn’t necessarily due to a dying INFINITI key battery. Use these tips to troubleshoot your remote access issue:

  • If your INFINITI vehicle will only start when you hold the key fob very near the vehicle, then it’s definitely possible that your INFINITI key fob battery is low. Holding the fob closer to the vehicle lessens the signal required to start the ignition.
  • If your push-button start still won’t work — even while you hold the key fob close to the car — then it’s possible that your key fob battery is not to blame.
  • Narrow down the possibilities by replacing the key fob battery and seeing if the problem persists. If it does, your next step should be to schedule service to have a technician inspect your car’s battery.
  • If your key fob runs completely out of power, you’re not stranded! You can still start your ignition and lock/lock the doors with the metal emergency key inside your INFINITI key fob.

Rely on the INFINITI of San Jose Service Center for Expert Auto Maintenance Tips

Questions about replacing your key fob battery or other DIY maintenance topics? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at INFINITI of San Jose. Our team of certified INFINITI technicians is happy to provide expert service tips for drivers in Walnut Creek and Pleasanton. Find out what’s covered under the INFINITI warranty, what the difference is between a hand car wash and a touchless car wash, how to save on essential auto service, and more!

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